Overbasket.com is the ultimate site for European basketball statistics. Currently it covers the best European club competitions: Euroleague and Eurocup.

The information provided by Euroleague is processed with statistical software, in order to offer the user advanced statistics on the competition. Regular basketball statistics in Europe show the performance of each player or each team separately.

But... how does a player's presence on the court affect how their teammates rebound or shoot from the three-point line?
How does the performance of a player or a team change when the score is tight in the last quarter of the game?
Which team best defend the two-point shots?
What nationality are the players who have the most value per minute played?
Which team has the most three-point shots on total field goals?

And, do not be afraid, let's talk about the referees: which is the team that throws the most free throws in comparison with their opponents? Who gets more technical or unsportsmanlike fouls?

Find out answers to these questions and much more on this site. Enjoy playing with the many options available.

Please note this site is currently undergoing testing. If you think that some information is not correct, contact us through the form or just send an email to info(at)overbasket.com. Your suggestions for new metrics or sections for the site are also welcome.

Overbasket try their best to update every game info as soon as possible. Game stats are usually updated minutes after the game ends. Please understand that sometimes it may take a bit more, as all the info needs to be processed and checked before uploading.

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